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PROBA2 Ancillary Data

PROBA2 related ancillary data including orbit, attitude and instrument frames are available in SPICE format, as typically used for planetary missions and maintained by JPL’s NAIF team.

SWAP & LYRA Data Distribution

Raw PROBA2 data is received at ESA’s ground station in Redu and transferred to the PROBA2 Science Center (P2SC) via ftp link. Once received by the P2SC, the data are automatically processed, calibrated, and prepared for public distribution. All data are freely available to the public. The links to the FITS files and quicklook data are listed below.

Can I use SWAP and LYRA data?

The SWAP and LYRA instruments follow an open data policy which means that you can freely use the SWAP and LYRA data. Nevertheless we list here a few recommendations on good practices.

How to find SWAP/LYRA data from science campaigns

In general, SWAP is acquiring non-stop EUV images with a cadence between 1 and 4 minutes. LYRA’s nominal programme produces timelines for the 4 channels of unit 2 at 50ms cadence. From time to time, special science (or calibration) campaigns are run.

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